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Hambrick Clan 2014

Author Louis L’Amour likely had no idea his vitae would have such a strong impact on my life.

L’Amour fascinated me when I was a kid. Along with being an author, he was an elephant trainer, a deck hand, a boxer, a ranch hand…he did everything. I wanted a lot of experiences, too. So, I was an Army medic in charge of an STD clinic in Korea, a truck driver, dishwasher, a data network installer in the prison systems, a deck hand on a river boat, an electrician, carpenter, writer, shoe repairman, web developer & marketing manager for a manufacturer. I have a B.S. in history from Georgia College & I graduated from Life Chiropractic school in 2002, so I also have a chiropractic practice.

It has taken me a long long time to determine my life’s purpose… too long actually, but I finally understand my fascination with men like Louis L’Amour, Mark Twain, Martin Luther, King Solomon. My purpose was pursuing wisdom and insight.

I love books and food and drink, but my priorities are my wife and six children.

The Bible says to get wisdom and insight and treasure it.

Let’s pursue wisdom together.

A little known fact about me: I know more about beer and Martin Luther than you probably do.

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