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Do Infants Who Die Go to Heaven?

My wife has a friend who recently lost a child, still-born I believe. In the aftermath, an article written by Dr. Albert Mohler (from 2009) about whether or not infants who die go to heaven, was posted on Facebook. Shelly read the original article … [Read more]

Why Should You Go to Church?

Facebook is a pretty good place to learn about a segment of the population. Of course, that segment consists of mainly your friends and family, but it’s still a good place to get a finger on the pulse of what people are thinking. Recently, I … [Read more]

If God Told Me to Kill My Son

In Genesis 22 we read of how God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. It sounds like the beginning of a terrible story, but God intervenes, stops Abraham from killing Isaac and provides a ram to take his place and they all lived happily ever … [Read more]

What is the Purpose of Sanctification?

In Christendom there is a constant ongoing battle between it’s members. Christians love to argue about everything: denominations, politics, Scripture meanings; but one ongoing debate from the very beginning (Remember Peter and the Judaizers? … [Read more]

Giving an Account to God on a Bad Day

I was watching a promotional video for a leadership conference taking place in Atlanta later this year, and one sound bite from one of the speakers was something that you frequently hear from many a pulpit on any given Sunday: “At the end of your … [Read more]

Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Review

There was a time when I wouldn’t even consider a cell phone until Bluetooth earpieces were more available. I don’t like the idea of holding a radio-frequency-emitting device as powerful as a cell phone up to the side of my head for any length of … [Read more]

America’s Biggest Problem

I went to the polls like a good citizen yesterday. As I checked in, I chatted with the ladies at the first table about my name (“Wow, you’re a third. Must be some kind of royalty.”), where I live (“I live right down the lane from you.”) and if I was … [Read more]

Does Vitalistic Chiropractic Violate the First Commandment?

I am a chiropractor by day. In short, this means I make a living by removing spinal misalignments that are creating neurological interference (defined as vertebral subluxations) which affects how the body and the brain communicate with each … [Read more]

Stop Aiming and Start Firing

If you’re anything like me you can get pretty frustrated with life and the inability to accomplish tasks and meet goals on a day to day basis. I’ve always wanted to be a prodigious producer, a creator, a publisher. When I was a kid, I would … [Read more]

We Are Beggars: This is True

Recently, I posted a statement on Facebook and Twitter: "A disappointing trait of modern American Evangelicals is their inability to see themselves as merely beggars." This prompted some to ask me to elaborate on what I meant. The following is that … [Read more]